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Garbage & Recycling

Garbage service in our complex is provided by Republic Services. Garbage collection is provided on Tuesday and Friday if you sign up for two pickups per week, or on Friday if you sign up for one pickup per week. Residents are provided with on 65-gallon wheeled garbage bin and one 65-gallon wheeled recycling bin. Republic Services makes one pass through the complex on Tuesdays (garbage) and Fridays (garbage and recycling). 

PLEASE place your recycling and trash bins on the street (NOT the sidewalk) on OUTER RING SIDE of the street nearest your unit. The truck enters through the East Gate and picks up on the right side of the truck for dumping. In addition, all bins should be placed about two feet apart so the truck arms can grab the bin for dumping. Any bins not placed on the designated side for pickup will not be picked up. (When the bins are placed on the sidewalks, handicapped residents in our community have difficulty moving around the complex.) 

There is unlimited collection of recyclables, picked up each week on Fridays. Allowable recycled items include 

  • envelopes, 
  • junk mail, 
  • magazines, 
  • newspaper & inserts; 
  • hardcover books; 
  • phone books & catalogs; 
  • grocery bags; 
  • corrugated cardboard (in sections of 3 foot by 3 foot or smaller); 
  • cereal boxes (with liner removed); 
  • clear, brown & green glass bottles & jars; 
  • plastic containers marked with the symbol #1 thru #7 (please make sure they are clean!); and 
  • aluminum cans, steel cans, and bi-metal cans. 

All glass, plastic, and cans may be mixed loose in bins, or separated in paper bags and placed in the bin.