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Moving In? - What to Do

New to the Village at Towne Center community?  Welcome! Adcomm MDU Services is the exclusive provider for Internet and DirecTV at the Village at Towne Center as part of a Bulk HOA Contract. The services provided to each unit by the HOA remain active.  To learn the details of what's included in this package, please click HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: THE EQUIPMENT WHICH INCLUDES (4) DIRECTV RECEIVERS AND THE CENTURYLINK INTERNET MODEM, ALONG WITH ALL CORDS, CABLE & REMOTES ARE TO REMAIN WITH THE UNIT.  The equipment is the property of Village at Towne Center HOA. If there is equipment missing when you move in, new owners should report it to Julie Grommes at Ogden & Company at 480-396-4567 or [email protected]; new tenants should report it to the unit owner or their rental agent.

Adcomm's DirecTV Choice Programming & Genie Receivers
The primary Genie HD-DVR receiver should already be active and working in your unit with the Choice Programming package when you move in.  Simply connect your TV to the HD-DVR receiver.  If you would like to activate programming for additional TVs, you must connect the wireless Genie Minis to those TVs. For more information on how to make this connection, click HERE . is the link to do anything with your TV account. 
Your HOA fee pays for service to 1 TV via the DVR that should be in the unit. You also have 3 mini genies that can be activated thru this portal (see above). A tech from Adcomm can be ordered thru the portal: this tech will hook up and set up your equipment. The tech will not mount your TV, however, nor will he run wires thru the wall. You will need to have your TV(s) mounted and ready to hook up to the Direct TV equipment BEFORE the tech arrives.

200 Mbps Internet Service & ActionTec Modem
The HOA provides Internet service at a base speed of 200 Mbps. This will be more than enough to stream whatever you want on as many devices as you want, with the added opportunity to upgrade individual condos to as much as 1 Gigabit per second (at an additional cost), if you choose.

When you move in, you MAY need to plug in the modem and connect the yellow or green cable to the jack in the wall nearby, usually in the living room TV nook, though it may also be in the den. The modem should be active, but you may need to restart. ONLY 1 JACK IN THE CONDO IS ACTIVE, SO ASK THE PRIOR OWNER WHERE HE OR SHE HAD THE MODEM PLUGGED IN. 

You will find the network name and password on the modem.

***If you have any problems with the internet, call Quantum Fiber at 833-926-1289

If you are interested in upgrading to a higher speed, you will pay the price differential. You would then call Quantum Fiber at 833-926-1289 to request the upgrade and add your name to the account.