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Gate Access Overview

In addition to the gate clickers provided to each resident, Village at Towne Center uses individual Owner-selected gate codes for access to the complex, providing an increased level of security to our gate system. In addition, regular vendors, i.e., US Mail, Fedex, UPS, Republic Services, are provided their own unique codes.  Note that the system will lock after 3 repeated incorrect attempts at entering any code, preventing anyone from trying to open the gate.

The Gate Code Manager can pull reports based on gate codes and clickers to assess the time of day the gate is accessed. This is especially beneficial if an incident should occur in our community, and allows the Manager to more easily identify who may have accessed the gate around the time of the incident. (Please note the reporting is not intended to monitor the comings and goings of owners, but rather to enhance the benefit of a gate system.)

ALL UNIT OWNERS must complete the “Gate Access Request Form” HERE. Please select one 4-digit number that will be easy for you to remember. The Manager will activate that code within 24 hours and will only contact you if there is a problem.  It is strongly suggested that you do NOT use your unit number, consecutive numbers, repetitive number, or holidays.

It will be the Unit Owner's responsibility to provide the selected gate code to their renters, if applicable.
 The expectation is that you would use the individual gate code for your own personal use or that of your renters, to provide to friends, family, and for deliveries or vendors. You may request to change your assigned code at any time by completing the “Gate Access Request Form” HERE.

Cell Number Gate Control
Unit Owners can request that their cell number be added to the gate system directory at each gate box. Visitors would then select your name in the directory and press the “Call” button. (The call must originate from the Gate Call Box.) After answering the call, you would press "9" on your phone to send the signal to open the gate. If you would like to utilize the phone access feature, please click HERE to complete the “Gate Access Request Form.”

If you do sign up for Cell Number Gate Control, be sure to add the number 480-836-2389 to your phone contacts as "VTC Gate" or "Entrance Gate Control" so you can recognize it and answer the call. Many people don't answer phone calls from numbers they don't recognize, so adding it to your phone contacts will help you not miss the call.

Gate Remote Clickers
Additional gate remote devices or “clickers” are available through Julie Grommes at Ogden & Company at a cost of $65 each.  To order a device, please contact Megan at 480-396-4567 ext. 260 or [email protected]

Periodic Gate Clicker Maintenance
We also periodically perform maintenance on the gate remote control (clickers) database and delete remotes that we show as unassigned. This does not affect your use of the keypads at the gates or your personal gate code number. If your gate remote control stops working, please contact Julie Grommes to have your clicker reactivated. Please include the number on the back of the device.

Gate Manager
Paul Kelleher is the volunteer resident who manages our gate entry system. Requests concerning access codes can be best accomplished by completing the “Gate Access Request Form” which is emailed directly to Paul.  If it is urgent, you can reach Paul at [email protected] or 480-242-3265.

NOTE: ALL gate operational issues, e.g., problems opening or closing, should be report to Julie Grommes at Ogden & Company at 480-396-4567 or [email protected]