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Who To Call - TV & Internet

It is critically important that you call the appropriate department because of [email protected]'s special contract status.

  • DirecTV: Call Adcomm MDU Services at 888-659-2080 for anything to do with your DirecTV service or equipment.  MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) Services is a group dedicated to residential properties under special contract, like Village at Towne Center. They are assigned to be our 1st point of contact and can either resolve your issue or direct you as appropriate. Call Center Hours of Operation are Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM Eastern Time, and 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM Eastern Time on Friday and Saturday. Adcomm MDU can also be contacted by email at [email protected]. They will ask for our property name, your unit number and account number (located on your DTV bill).  

    The only time you would not call Adcomm MDU Services would be for questions specifically regarding your DTV bill; then call 800-531-5000.
  • Internet: Call Adcomm MDU Services at 888-659-2080. You will need to provide your Bulk Account Number or BAN. The BAN is a fictitious billing number assigned to your [email protected] condo Unit to identify the location of your Internet service. This number was provided to owners by [email protected] and should be written on the label of the internet modem.
  • Lost Equipment:  Contact Julie Grommes at Ogden & Company 480-396-4567 or [email protected]. Julie will contact Adcomm to arrange for replacement of the equipment and will bill the owner for the applicable cost.

  • Home Telephone Service:  Telephone service is not include in the HOA Bulk Contract. 

Due to the unique wiring and contractual arrangement at Village at Towne Center, PLEASE DO NOT CALL any other support number AND DO NOT call DirecTV directly for any repair issues!

If you are unable to resolve a DirecTV or Internet issue after making valid attempts, please contact Ogden & Company.