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Pandora is an Internet radio service ( that lets you create your own radio stations that play only the music you like. You enter an artist, composer, or track, and Pandora creates a virtual radio station that plays only songs it thinks you'll like based on your entry. You can create up to 100 different radio stations to suit whatever you're in the mood for.

To access Pandora on your TV at Village at Towne Center, you must have your HD DVR connected to the Internet. 

1. On DTV remote,  press Menu then Extras then Pandora

2. At the Welcome screen, select Next

3. An Activation screen will appear on screen with and Activation code. *Do not leave this screen until the following steps are completed*

4. On your computer, go to

5. Enter the Activation code from the TV screen

6. Either use your existing Pandora username/password or enter new Pandora account information

7. Once the web page shows the confirmation, the DirecTV device will automatically take you to your station list.