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Internet & Television Package

Adcomm MDU Services is the exclusive provider for DirecTV at the Village at Towne Center as part of a Bulk HOA Contract. Centurylink is the exclusive provider for high-speed Internet.

Each Unit is equipped with:

  • Choice Package Programming (150 Channels)*
  • High Definition Display
  • Whole-Home Digital Video Recording Service
  • Programming delivered to first TV
  • (1) DirecTV HD-DVR Receiver & power cord. 
  • (3) DirecTV Genie Wireless Mini Receivers & power cords. **
  • (1) DirecTV Video Bridge & power cord.
  • (4) DirecTV Remote Control Devices.
  • (1) Wireless Internet Modem/Router & power cord. 
  • Plus Extras such as On Demand, Picture-in-Picture, Pandora***, You-Tube, and more!

The cost of the above services will be included in owner's HOA fee. For more information about Genie, click this link:

The DirecTV and Internet equipment, including cables and power cords, is the property of the HOA. The equipment is provided at no charge and will be replaced, if it fails, at no cost.   THE EQUIPMENT SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED FROM THE ASSIGNED UNIT.  If you sell your unit, the equipment stays in place and transfers with the unit to the new owner.  If you rent your unit, it is your responsibility to insure that your tenant and/or property manager understand that the equipment remains in place, should your tenant move out. 

Any equipment that is reported missing or damaged will be replaced at the full current retail cost to the owner of record at the time it went missing or was damaged.  The full equipment price applies to lost power cords, as the entire piece of equipment must be replace. 

Landline telephone service is not included in this package.  If you subscribe to telephone service, you will continue to be billed for that service; bundle discounts will not apply. 

* The Resident may upgrade their programming package and/or subscribe to premium channels or sports packages at their own cost.

** DirecTV will charge the resident $7.00/month (effective January, 2016) for each Genie Wireless Mini activated to deliver programming to a TV, other than the first TV.

*** Pandora requires registration at