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Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage
Village at Towne Center HOA currently carries insurance provided by Farmers Insurance through agent GARY BLAKE.  The coverage is all-inclusive and extends to the interior of individual units. This exceeds the coverage inferred by our CC&R’s for HOA coverage of units’ interior to include builder’s standards only.  Provided at the bottom of this page for your reference are the following:
1. Condo Insurance Requirement Fact Sheet
2. Example page from a Condo HO-6 policy showing Improvements & Betterments Coverage
3. Explanation of [email protected]'s Insurance Claim Protocol
4. Sample Association Insurance Certificate
5. Explanation of who is an Insured under the Association's Insurance Coverage
6. Insurance Resolution
7. Letter explaining change to Insurance Resolution
8. Letter explaining liability coverage

HOA Master Policy Deductible
The Association’s Master Insurance Policy includes a $25,000 deductible on all claims. The Association’s policy will not pay for any additions, upgrades, betterments or improvements made to the Unit by any Owner.

In the event of a loss that exceeds the Association’s $25,000 deductible AND involves multiple Units, a Unit will need at least $10,000 in covered damage to be included in the claim. 

Certificate of Insurance 
Homeowners may contact GARY BLAKE for an informational copy of the Certificate.  If a Certificate is required for purchase or re-finance, your Mortgage Company/Lender should contact Todd Brecto Insurance Agency for the form to order a Unit Owner Certificate of Insurance for Mortgagee.

Contact Info
Gary Blake Agency, LLC
15689 N Hayden Rd, Ste 128
Scottsdale, AZ  85260

Gary Blake, Agency Owner
[email protected] 

Jodie Stiglic, Office Manager
[email protected]

Monica, Customer Service Manager
[email protected]

Phone: 480-991-1255 
Fax: 480-991-5078 

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