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Moving In? Here's Who to Call First

New to the Village at Towne Center community or moving from one Unit to another?  If so, welcome!

Below is a list of the service providers and their contact information that you will need to set up the essential regular services for your Unit now that you are moving into our community. However, before you do that, be sure to register on our community website by clicking on the REGISTER button in the upper right corner of this page! This will ensure that you receive all the various news and other information about our community.

Now, you may find that most of the services are active from the previous owner, however you still need to contact each provider listed below to transfer service into your name and to ensure that service is not cut off.

Please note that Adcomm MDU Services is the exclusive provider for DirecTV at the Village at Towne Center as part of a Bulk HOA Contract. DO NOT contact DirecTV directly to set up service.

The HOA provides Internet service at a base speed of 200 Mbps. You do not need to set up an account for this service: the modem in the unit should be active. This will be more than enough to stream whatever you want on as many devices as you want, with the added opportunity to upgrade to as much as 1 Gigabit per second (at an additional cost), if you choose. Your HOA fee also pays for DirecTV service to 1 TV via the DVR that should be in the unit. You also have 3 mini Genies that can be activated at an additional cost. Also note that you MUST set up an account with Adcomm so that if you do want to add additional services for DirecTV, they know who to bill.

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