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Gate Access Request Form


Gate Access Codes

To obtain a new gate code, unit owners should select ONE 4-digit number which will be easy for you to remember. The Gate Manager will activate that code within 24 hours and will only contact you if there is a problem. It is strongly suggested that you do NOT use your unit number, consecutive numbers, repetitive number, or holidays.

Gate Phone Access
If you would like to have your cell phone number programmed into the gate boxes to enable gate access via your phone, please provide that phone number below. Once activated, your name would be listed in the directory at each gate box. Visitors would then select your name and press the “Call” button.  After answering the call, you would press "9" on your phone to send the signal to open the gate. 

After signing up for Cell Number Gate Control, be sure to add the number 480-836-2389 to your phone contacts as "VTC Gate" or "Entrance Gate Control" or something similar so you can recognize it and answer the call. Many people don't answer phone calls from numbers they don't recognize, so adding it to your phone contacts will help you not miss the call.

Changing Gate Codes or Phone Numbers
If you are requesting a change to your existing gate code, please provide the existing code and ONE new 4-digit number.

If you wish to change the phone number currently programmed in the gate box, please provide that current phone number, as well as the new phone number, below.

Please use the "Additional Information" box to include any information which would be helpful to the Gate Manager.

Upon completion of this form, click "Submit." The form will be forwarded to the Gate Manager, Paul Kelleher.