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Pet ownership in VTC: Reminders

Pets are an important part of our families in the Village at Towne Center, and it's good from time to time to review the rules regarding pet (and owner) behavior.

The CCRs: Art. 6.4: Pets and Animals:

  • No pets are allowed anywhere within the pool area per Maricopa County code. The only animals allowed within condo units are dogs, cats and birds.
  • Owners/Tenants must apply in writing for permission to keep pets;
  • only two (2) pets, no larger than 30 lbs, are allowed;
  • pets must be kept on leashes;
  • no pet may relieve itself within the complex (any portion of the Common Elements); if a pet does relieve itself, the pet owner is responsible to dispose of the droppings appropriately. We ask that residents take pets outside the complex to do their business if at all possible.

Please click HERE for a link to the Pet Approval form.

If a pet disturbs other residents, the Board will give notice. If the pet continues to disturb other residents, after due process the Board will revoke that resident’s permission to keep the pet within the V@TC complex.

A particular nuisance that has come up time and time again: Please do not allow your dog to urinate at the mailboxes. As the weather warms up, the smell get awful, but more importantly, this is a gathering spot for many people and pet pee is plain old nasty, not to mention unsanitary. PLEASE make sure your dog has completed its business before coming to get your mail.

The Board advises residents to report:
  • All pet violations to Julie Grommes: (480) 396-4567 (if possible, take a picture of the violation and email to Julie)
  • Barking dogs and pet waste to Code Enforcement Officer, Fountain Hills: (480) 816-5193
  • Unleashed dogs or dogs running free to Maricopa Animal Control: (602) 506-7387

We encourage residents to register their pets on the VTC website as well -- in the case of a fire or other emergency, it would be good to know that pets are in the condo so they can be rescued. You can add your pets as members of your family HERE, which will add them to our Pet Directory.