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Seasonal Service - What to Do

With the HOA Bulk Contract, there is no "vacation hold" or temporary suspension of services.
If you are leaving your unit for an extended period of time, you may "deactivate" your 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th Genie Mini to stop billing @ $7.00 per month, plus taxes & fees, for each Mini. To do this call CenturyLink's VMDU Tech Support at 877-691-7155 Option 2. They will ask for the HOA name, your unit number, and they will verify your DTV account number. Request that your Minis be deactivated and the billing stopped.

Your HD-DVR will remain active; however, you may unplug it.  If you leave the HD-DVR plugged in, it will continue to record programmed shows.  

Upon return to your unit, first turn on HD-DVR & its associated TV.  Do this before turning on the Minis because the Minis work off the HD-DVR. If it doesn't broadcast programming, press the lower right front panel of the HD-DVR. A panel door will open and you will see a red re-set button.  Press that red button and allow the receiver to go through its process.  Once programming is restored, you can turn on each of your additional Minis and TVs.

NOTE:  You may see a message indicating that a software upgrade is required.  If so, following on-screen instructions for the upgrade.  After doing so, if you are still unable to get programming on a TV, call CenturyLink's VMDU Tech Support at 877-691-7155 Option 2. Your receivers may need to be re-activated. They will ask for the HOA name, your unit number, and verify your DTV account number. They may also need information printed on your Mini's.

Please do not call any other DirecTV telephone number!  877-691-7155 Option 2 is dedicated to HOA-contracted multi-dwelling accounts like [email protected] They are only available  Monday through Friday, 8AM-6PM Central Time.

There is no need to deactivate or suspend the Internet. It is suggested to unplug the modem from both the electrical outlet as well as the telephone/internet outlet, to avoid potential damage due to power surges. If you have any problems with the Internet upon your return, call CenturyLink 855-234-5733, Option 3.  You will need your unit's Bulk Account Number.