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Internal Sewer Line Cleaning

To avoid sewer back-up, residents are urged to perform regular maintenance of the internal sewer lines. The internal plumbing structure of the upstairs and downstairs units are “stacked”, meaning they share a common line leading from their sinks/dishwashers to the external line.  Back-ups have been reported to have occurred in downstairs units.

Per the Insurance Resolution passed by the Board, owners are responsible to have sewer lines within the units (between) cleaned out regularly.  The relevant portion is:

"2. The unit owner shall be responsible for clean-out of the sewer lines from their unit to the main community sewer line leading to the City Sewer line. The unit owner shall be responsible for any damage under the unit owner's [HO-6 insurance] policy for damage incurred for failure to perform proper maintenance to their individual sewer lines and/or unit drains." 

The HOA conducts sewer line clean-outs from outside the building to street annually.  Inside maintenance should include continual drain cleaning - see document below "How To Prevent Clogs in Your Drains."  Also, regular professional cleaning by a plumber is highly recommended. Clean-out must be done thru the downstairs units (see pictures below). Unit owners are encouraged to coordinate efforts between upper and lower levels. 

To determine which type of unit you live in, click HERE.


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